Pics & Praise

Tina and Deane Haskell have been the proud owners of Hillwinds Lodge since 2006. During that time, we have been hosts to more than 30,000 guests who have arrived at our doorstep from every state in the U.S., from each of the ten Provinces and one Territory in Canada, and from more than 40 countries around the world, including far flung locales such as Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Finland, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Belarus, South Africa, Russia, China, Japan and even New Caledonia and Mauritius.

It has been an incredible experience to not only share our New England roots and heritage with our visitors, but also to learn about customs and traditions from folks from every conceivable ethnic background. We thank all of our wonderful guests for the opportunity to share our home with you.

Below are some of the comments gleaned from our half dozen guest books. Visitors are welcome to visit Hillwinds Lodge to browse through the many comments in our guestbooks in languages such as Hebrew, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and English, and to see the Australian flag and kangaroo stamp in one of the books. Visitors to our lodge enjoy viewing our maps (to see where our guests are from) and then adding their own “home” pin.

On this page, we’ve included some of our favorite pictures of the lodge, the lovely Franconia area and the surrounding White Mountains. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed compiling these memories over the years. There is also a section for Hillwinds Lodge Trivia, a place for odd or unknown information about our lodge.

Your Hosts
Tina & Deane Haskell


Johnny Marks is said to have written the famous Christmas tune “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” at Hillwinds Lodge during the late forties. The tune was written specifically for Gene Autry to record. Marks also wrote “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”.


  • Shraga S.

    Shraga S. Lakewood, NJ - August 2011

    The Hillwinds Lodge was a comfortable friendly place to stay, the grounds are beautiful with a beautiful brook and most of all the people in charge are the nicest people to deal with.

  • The Grams Family

    Eindhoven, The Netherlands - August 2010

    Just planned to be here for just one night, we liked it so much we stayed another day. Especially to make nice pictures of a bear!!!! Nice hospitality. Thanks, Helmut, the guy with the big camera who didn’t found (sic) a bear at night (but dreamed about it, however).

  • Kathy & Marge S.

    Erie, PA - July 2010

    Great place, beautiful scenery, lots to do and see, too much maybe! Stayed extra day, friendly, personable, will recommend to all.

  • Segal Family

    Maalc Adumiim, Israel - September 2009

    Part of this quote was in Hebrew. The rest read “Thank you for a wonderful time. This was a perfect stop. You really made us feel at home."

  • Elizabeth

    Seattle, WA - May 2008

    What an awesome place. So peaceful and Beautiful. I hope to bring my family back here.

  • Babette Trabeu-Trarbach

    France - May 2008

    We enjoyed so much staying with you. We felt so much at home. Thank you.

  • The Conrad – Hortaridis Family

    Marblehead, MA & Coconut Creek, FL - June 2007

    This has been the first family vacation in years. Everyone had such a wonderful time. This is such a beautiful place. Thank you for such a great stay.

  • Dorothee & Frank

    Brussels, Belgium - August 2006

    We’ve been to a couple of inns on our round trip through the New England States but none of them has been so personal and welcoming! Thank you!

  • Lou and Nathan

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands - May 2006

    After a long and lovely journey from Kennebunk on the Coast, up to the White Mountains, we found this friendly motel. We had a good sleep in this huge King Size and enjoyed our breakfast beside the creek. Thanks for the hospitality and you’re always welcome in Amsterdam.

  • Wood Family

    Ferndown England - September 2012

    Great setting, peaceful atmosphere. Sorry we didn’t see the bear. We’ll have to come back! Thanks for the pleasant stay.

  • Arat Family

    Guzecyali, Turkey - July 2013

    Lovely place, Friendly Service, Perfect Experience. Love from Turkey.

  • Lenny

    Miami FL  - March 2014

    Spectacular!! Super clean & comfortable. Friendly & relaxing environment. Will be back for sure. ‘Till then.

  • Nadiyah & Jeremy

    Boston, MA  - February 2014

    Wonder Stay. Peaceful & very warm, friendly service.